Dust monitoring creates environment friendly
to the earth and easy to work in.

Contributing to realization of a sustainable
society with Dust Monitors

Now SDGs and sustainable development goals have been set, an increasing number of companies are taking steps to further reduce dust generation.
At Matsushima Measure Tech Co.,Ltd., we support creation of more comfortable spaces at work sites and surrounding areas.
We monitor invisible dust 24 hours a day with powder measuring instruments designed for all situations.
We are always breathing.
Isn't it a common desire for all of us to want to spend time in a more comfortable space?
Even if you think your current environment is clean, there may actually be a lot of dust present.
Dust can affect not only your health but also the quality of your products.
Would you like to reconsider dust prevention measures?
Creating a comfortable space also leads to
"Prevention of health damage" ,"Reduction of maintenance burden" and "Cost reduction"
At Matsushima Measure Tech Co.,Ltd., we visualize dust generation in any environment.
We propose measurement methods suitable for various situations, such as where and how much dust is present, and whether there are any overlooked dust particles.

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