Level Transmitter/Level Switch <Liquid>


The most popular level switch for liquids that utilizes the buoyancy of liquids.

In some series, one unit can detect up to 5 contacts.


  1. Multi-contact level switch can be constructed at low cost.
  2. It is not affected by the electrical properties of the object being measured (capacitance, conductivity, etc.).
  3. It is also possible to detect multiple points with one unit. (depending on model)

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Features of Float Switch

Up to 5 points can be
detected with one unit!

A single level switch can output up to 5 contact points, making it possible to build a level measurement system at a low cost.

No power required.

A float with a built-in magnet uses the buoyancy of a liquid to move up and down, so no power source is required.

Compatible with
flameproof and

It corresponds to the pressure-resistant explosion-proof specification (d2G4). Ideal for automatic control of fuel dispensing tanks.

Operating principle

As the liquid level rises, the float rises due to buoyancy. A reed switch is installed where the float rises.

Since the float has a built-in magnet, the reed switch reacts to the magnetic force and the contact works.

How to use?

1.Determine mounting position

Avoid installation in water supply and drainage ditches, stirrers, etc. where there is a lot of liquid flow or waves. The operation of the float becomes unstable.

2. Mounting

Mounts on top of tank or side of tank. Secure with screws or flanges.

3. Wiring

No power supply required.

Please wire the contact.

4. Adjustment

The LS series cannot adjust the detection position. Please specify the detection position at the order stage. We will adjust and ship.

For the AL series, the mounting position is the detection position. Position it carefully.

*For details, please refer to the instruction manual.

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Model lineup


Float switch that is inserted vertically from the top of the tank, and one unit can be configured with up to 5 contacts. When the float with a built-in magnet approaches the reed switch installed near the detection liquid level, the contact operates.

*The detection position must be specified in advance. The detection position cannot be adjusted on site.

Mounting method: screw or flange mounting (size and material are discussed)

Contact configuration: reed switch

Contact configuration: a contact (Number of contacts and detection position will be discussed)

Contact capacity: 50VA

Current value: max.1A

Withstand voltage: max.DC220V

* Pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure (d2G4) is also available.


A reed switch is used as a float switch installed from the side of the tank.

Mounting method: screw or flange mounting (size and material are discussed)

Contact configuration: reed switch

Contact configuration: 1a contact

Contact capacity: 50VA AC/DC

Current value: max.1A AC/DC

Withstand voltage: max.200V AC/DC

* Pressure-resistant explosion-proof structure (d2G4) is also available.

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