Current loop supply for Radar Level Transmitter


Signal conditioner is a current loop supply with display function and analog output.

Since it supports 2-wire transmission and HART communication, it can be used as a converter for Radar Level Transmitter, pressure sensors, dust monitors, etc.


  1. It can be used as a converter for 2-wire transmission Radar level transmitter, pressure sensors, dust monitors, etc.
  2. Since it is equipped with HART, it can be connected to HART compatible devices.
  3. Contact output can be prevented from chattering by hysteresis setting.
  4. Bilingual display in Japanese and English

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Features of Signal Conditioner

3 roles in 1 unit

It covers the functions of current loop supply, isolator, and alarm setter.

■Two types of analog signals
4 to 20mA DC (3 to 24mA DC)/Load resistance: 750Ω
1 to 5V DC (0.75 to 6V DC)/Load resistance: 500Ω

■Alarm & failure contactor
・Alarm contact x 2
・Body error x 1
・Sensor error x 1


Compatible with
2-wire transmission system

It supplies power to a 2-wire transmission type sensor, receives analog output from the sensor, and displays the value.
Power supply: 20 to 28 VDC


Supports HART communication

Signal Conditioner has a HART sensor connection terminal as a standard model. By connecting the connector into the terminal, a HART-compatible device can be adjusted through Signal Conditioner.

Hysteresis setting

Hysteresis can be arbitrarily set for alarm contact output.
For example, if the contact is set to ON at 90% and OFF at 60% as shown in the figure, it is possible to turn the pump ON and OFF with one contact.

How to use?

Example of connection using our Radar level transmitter.

As shown in the figure, connect the Radar level transmitter mounted at the tank with Signal Conditioner by a two-core shielded cable.

At this time, one side of the shield wire should be grounded on either the panel side or the level meter side.

If both ends are installed, there is concern about malfunction due to noise.

Also, when performing HART communication, the adjustment or data check can be done without removing the device because the terminal of the HART communication device can be connected to the terminal of Signal Conditioner.

*For details, please refer to the instruction manual.

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Model lineup

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