Level Transmitter/Level Switch    <Powder>

Robost, stick-free level switch


Full Detector is rugged, fouling-proof level switch.

It can be used to detect the upper limit of storage silos, hoppers, chutes, etc. for granular materials and lumps.


  1. It is not affected by adhesion or the electrical properties of the object being measured. It is effective when it cannot be detected by the capacitance method due to its low dielectric constant.
  2. It is also suitable for detecting lumps. Capacitance or paddle type sensors may be damaged for mass detection, but a full switch housed in a durable cast iron case is safe because it has a shock-resistant structure. It is possible to detect lumps with a specific gravity of 1 or more and a grain size of 30 mm or more.

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Features of Full Detector

Not affected by electrical characteristics

It is not affected by electrical properties such as relative permittivity and conductivity.

Structure resistant to
adhesion and friction

The sensor is housed in a durable cast iron case, making it resistant to shocks.

Support detection of
granular materials

The standard product is for solids with a specific gravity of 1.0 or more and a particle size of 30 mm or more, but if you use the optional auxiliary detection blade, you can also measure powders with a specific gravity of 0.5 or more and a particle size of 30 mm or less.

Operating principle

The sensor (weight part) of the Full detector consists of a microswitch with an iron ball on top. When the sensor tilts more than about 20 degrees due to the accumulation of the measured material, the iron ball on the microswitch rolls down and the switch is activated. In principle, it is not affected by floating dust or adhering matter.

How to use?

mounting position

Avoid direct contact with the sensor as it may cause false detection or damage due to impact.
Since it is a tilted detection method, please install it in a place with enough space so that it will not hit the wall even if it is tilted.

2. Mounting

Just screw it to the ceiling.

3. Wiring

A relay box is attached to the cable extending from the full-capacity switch body, so please wire from there to the converter.

4. Adjustment

You can adjust the position of the sensor. The length of the chain can be easily changed on site by changing the position of the shackle attached to the link chain of the Full detector.
Adjustment is completed by setting a timer to prevent chattering in the converter.

*For details, please refer to the instruction manual.


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