Level Transmitter/Level Switch <Powder>
Rotary Paddle Type
Level Switch

Rotary Paddle Type Level Switch is a level switch that detects when a mechanically rotating paddle is covered with an object to be measured.


  1. Achieving powder detection at low cost .
  2. It is not affected by electrical properties such as relative permittivity and conductivity.

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Features of Rotary Paddle Type Level Switch

The main features of the paddle level switch are:

Structure resist clogging


Uses a sintered alloy bearing with a double-layer seal and mum-type structure. Prevents particles from entering the sensor. Even in the unlikely event of seal leakage, the structure prevents clogging and prevents particles from entering the sensor.

Impact avoidance
with slip mechanism

Rotary Paddle Type Level Switch

Equipped with a slip mechanism to reduce the impact of the object to be measured on the blades and shaft. Protect your equipment.

Easy maintenance
and inspection

Overview diagram

Since the inner unit can be attached and detached, maintenance inspection and replacement with a spare inner unit are easy.

Operating principle

Rotating paddle (vane) stops and is detected when it is restrained by object to be measured.
Installation in the tank

How to use?

1.Determine the mounting position

Installation reference diagram

Mounts to tank ceiling or tank sidewall. Install as far away as possible from sources of vibration such as knockers, as they may cause false detection or failure. If you have any concerns about the mounting position, please contact us.

2. Mounting

Installation reference diagram

Avoid hitting the impeller directly with the object being measured, as this may cause damage. It is effective to attach a protection plate.

3. Wiring

wiring diagram

Connect the power supply and contact output signal.

4. Adjustment

Adjustment switch
Sensitivity is torque-adjusted with a return force adjustment screw.

*For details, please refer to the instruction manual.

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