Position Detector

Displacement measurement of dancer roll

Displacement detectors are mainly used in paper mills as displacement detectors for dancer rolls that are used to control the speed of winders. The synchro transmitter is housed in an indoor dustproof case for excellent durability.


Real-time control is possible because Displacement Detector can be mechanically detected in accordance with movement of dancer roll and directly output as a voltage signal.


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Features of Displacement Detector

Displacement Detector 

Model YVGC-500W

Pressure-resistant explosion-proof Displacement Detector

Model YVGCM-790

Resistant to noise

It has a built-in synchro oscillator and its output voltage is as high as ±82V, so it is difficult to be affected by electrical disturbances and wiring work is easy. Usable displacement angle is ±60deg.
A pointer is provided on the input shaft so that amount of displacement can be confirmed visually.


Equipped with ultimate limit

In addition to synchronous motor, it incorporates a microswitch for extreme contact signals.

Explosion proof

We also manufacture pressure-resistant explosion-proof specifications (d2G4) for explosion-proof areas.


*For details, see the catalog and instruction manual.

Operating principle

Displacement Detector is a mechanical shaft Displacement Detection sensor that incorporates a synchro transmitter and a limit switch for detecting both ends.

The amount of displacement of the machine shaft is detected by rotation angle of the synchro transmitter and output as a change in AC voltage, so signals can be transmitted without being affected by noise.


Please carry out regular inspections.

If a large amount of dust accumulates around Displacement Detector, clean it regularly.
Check that there are no loose screws in the installation part or shaft connection part. Make sure that cover bolts are securely closed. If even one part is loose, dust and moisture can enter and cause malfunction.

Model lineup



Displacement Detector


Explosion-proof Displacement Detector


Enclosure IP55

d2G4 (Flameproof)

Allowable temperature -10 to 50℃ -10 to 50℃
Operation power supply 200/220V 50/60Hz 200/220V 50/60Hz
Contact capacity 250V AC 6A 250V AC 6A
Used displacement angle ±60° ±60°
Max. displacement angle ±140° ±10° ±140° ±10°
Max. output voltage 82/90V 200/220V 90° 82/90V 200/220V 90°
Dielectric strength 1500V AC 1min 1500V AC 1min
Gear ratio 1/1 1/1
Painting color 5Y7/1 5Y7/1
Mass 3kg 27kg


Dimension Diagram

Model YVGC-500W

Model YVGCM-790

Connection diagram


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