Belt Conveyor Protetion Equipment

Scrape off and clean belt

Belt Cleaner is a device that scrapes and cleans deposits on conveyor belt. Prevents falling mines, misalighment, and cargo spillage, leading to safe operation of belt conveyors.



  1. It reduces misalighment and orefall by removing a large amount of deposits.
  2. By reducing meandering and falling mines, fires, chute jams and cargo spills are reduced.
  3. Since hard urethane with chips is arranged in strips, it is possible to cleanly remove (clean) deposits without being affected by the unevenness of the conveyor belt.

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Features of Belt Cleaner

No scraping leftover

The scraping part is strip-shaped, so even if belt is uneven, deposits can be removed cleanly.


2 chips to choose from

You can choose from two tips: carbide (tungsten) for stubborn deposits, and urethane if you want to take care of your belt even a little.

Easy installation

The adjustment work is easy because scraping part is pressed against belt using only bolts.



Operating principle

As shown in the figure, if you attach the tip to the bottom of the return roller, the tip will scrape off the deposits on the belt surface according to the unevenness of the belt.

Model lineup

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