Belt Conveyor Protection Equipment

Power generatorby belt conveyor operation

Power is generated on site using power of belt conveyor. It can be used as a power source for sensors and wireless devices that are necessary for IoT, and lighting that illuminates site.


  1. Since long-distance wiring is not required, wiring costs can be greatly reduced.
  2. Unlike clean power generation, it can generate power stably without being affected by weather conditions.
  3. Unlike solar power generation, it is not affected by dust, so maintenance is easy.

    In addition, there are other advantages such as "almost no worries about disconnection" and "no worries about induction due to crosstalk with high voltage lines".

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Features of Conveyor Generator

Power generated by the conveyor

Powered by movement of conveyor belt, it does not use fuel. A rubber pulley is installed so that power can be taken directly from the belt.

Power generation voltage DC12V/24V

Easy installation

Easily attaches to your belt frame.

Easy replacement of consumables

Rubber pulleys are parts that are necessary to obtain power from the belt, but they wear out due to friction with the belt, so they need to be replaced periodically. Rubber pulleys are easy to replace. We recommend that you prepare spare rubber pulleys in advance.

*For details, please refer to the instruction manual.


Operating principle

When the rubber pulley is pressed against the belt, the rubber pulley rotates according to the operation of the belt conveyor.

Rotational energy is transmitted to the internal shaft → gearbox → generator to generate electricity.

How to use?

mounting position

If you choose installation location near device you want to supply power to, the wiring distance to the device can be shortened.

2. Mounting

Press rubber pulley onto the belt. At this time, install belt and rubber pulley so that they are as vertical as possible.


3. Wiring

Wiring should be done when belt is not running (not generating power).

4. Adjustment

If pressure of the rubber pulley is weak, the power cannot be transmitted, so install it so that the pressing spring works.

*For details, please refer to the instruction manual.

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Rubber pulleys are consumables. Inspect it regularly and replace it if it becomes worn out. We recommend that you prepare spare rubber pulleys in advance.

Application example

Model lineup


Model PTD-W
Enclosure IP55
Allowable temperature -10℃~+50℃
Belt speed (generator usage range) 40~270m/min
Belt width (generator installation range) 600~2200mm
Output voltage DC12V or DC24V
Pulley pressing force 88N~117N (9kg~12kg)
Output power 37W (at load resistance 4~5Ω)
Generator Model SKY-MR160 at 100W/500rpm
Withstand voltage 500VAC for 1 minute (between output and base)
Insulation resistance 100MΩ or more (at DC500V megger)
Painting color MUNSELL 7.5GY6/10
Mass 24kg


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