Belt Conveyor Protection Equipment

Detects position of machinery and equipment

Heavy Duty Limit Switches is sensor that detect position of mechanical devices such as stackers, reclaimers, cranes, and mobile trippers, and are limit switches with environmental resistance and high mechanical strength.


It is more robust than general limit switch, so it can be used in harsh environments where environmental resistance and high mechanical strength are required.

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Features of Heavy Duty Limit Switch

High mechanical strength

Aluminum alloy die-cast material and ribbed structure are used for housing, realizing light weight and robustness.
And thick shaft with a diameter of 12mm realizes great actuator strength.

Long life design

Shaft, which is used frequently, uses a structure supported by two bearings to extend life of shaft.

Excellent environmental resistance

With oil seal on shaft and O-ring seal on cover, it has waterproof, oil-proof, and dust-proof structure for outdoor use. It has high vibration and impact resistance due to synergistic effect of stable contact pressure due to excellent internal operating mechanism and snap action of internal switch.

*For details, see the catalog and instruction manual.

Operating principle

Place a striker on machine.
As the striker slides along with movement of the machine, it kicks lever of Heavy Duty Limit Switch.
The switch works when internal cam operates microswitch according to movement of lever.

How to use?

mounting position

Determine mounting position where actuator will not be subjected to excessive force (1.5 N·m or more) beyond movement limit position of 70°.

2. Mounting

The mounting form of main body is an L-shaped flange, so it can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Please choose according to installation position. Also, when striker operates, make sure the striker hits only the roller (not lever).

3. Wiring

Do not wire while the power is on.

4. Adjustment

The lever can be set in 8 directions at 45° intervals. Please consider position with striker and adjust.

*For details, please refer to the instruction manual.



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Please perform the following inspections and maintenance on a regular basis.
・Is there any wear or damage to actuator?
・Is terminal screw loose?
・Is there any wear on operating body or cam?
・Is there any external damage?

Model lineup

Standard common specifications

Model lineup and dimensions (mm)

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