Dust Monitor Calibration and Adjustment Service

If you have been using Dust Monitor for many years, do you have any of these problems?

After many years of using Dust Monitor to monitor dust collector emissions, we often hear the below  comments;


"I'm worried if there may be  a discrepancy in the measured values."

"I want to use it reliably since  it is  an environmental problem."

"I feel that regular calibration is required according to ISO standards and corporate  standards."


 In response to your feedback , Matsushima Measure Tech provides a calibration and adjustment service.

What is Dust Monitor Calibration/Adjustment Service?

This is a service for customers who have bought Matsushima Measure Tech's Dust Monitor, to check whether the existing Dust Monitor works normal on site or by returning it to our local distributor.


Service details

  1. Calibration: Check the deviation of existing Dust Monitor from the shipping inspection standard.
  2. Adjustment: If there is a discrepancy in the measured result, adjust them so that they are within the                                              standard.

Two ways of Calibration/Adjustment service

We propose two plans to suit your needs.

1.On-site calibration and adjustment service

A field engineer visits the site to calibrate and adjust the Dust Monitor and evaluate it.  The Dust Monitor  can be calibrated and adjusted in a shortest time, minimizing to stop the facility.

2.Return calibration/adjustment service

Please return the existing Dust Monitor or  its electronics unit to our factory.  We will perform calibration and adjustment work at our factory and then return it to you.  All you have to do is return the equipment and wait for the work to be completed, so you can focus on other tasks and utilize your time more effectively.


* The service target is the dust monitor (PFM series) provided by Matsushima Measure Tech.

Service target: PFM series

Dust Monitor with integrated transducer

Target model no.



*PFM-M01C and PFM-M01S are not supported.

*For PFM-M01K, we cannot support it locally, so we will only support it if it can be returned to our factory.

Dust Monitor with remote transducer

Target model no.









*For PFM-KCU01, PFM-KCU02, and PFM-KCU04 that were delivered before January 2008, we cannot support them locally, so we will only support it if they can be returned to our factory.


By simply checking the normality of the dust monitor periodically,

the reliability of the dust collector will be increased.

Please use by all means.

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