Remote Maintenance Service

               This service allows you to adjust Level Transmitter remotely. 

1. Advantages of this service

Cost reduction

Cost can be reduced because transportation and accommodation is not required If a field engineer is dispatched.

Time reduction

Safety education and procedures are not required for field engineers to enter customer's premises.

Safety work

Remote adjustment is safe to make unnecessary the on-site delicate adjustment work.

2. Check and request details to customers

Check electric wave status

Use Wi-Fi for adjustment. Please check the electric wave environment at the location where the adjustment kit is placed.

Secure a engineer

Please assign one support engineer so that we can contact the site by phone during adjustment.

Service target

The service targets are the following three models.

The service targets are the following three models.

80GHz Radar Level Transmitter

MWLM-FM79 series



Radar Level Transmitter

MWLM-PR26G series


Radar Type River Water
Level Transmitter




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