What is Predictive Maintenance?
What is the difference against Preventive Maintenance?

The difference between Predictive Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance

Facility occupancy rate and operation efficiency is very important factor for competitiveness of production factories, and so, unexpected troubles or failures of facility which may cause delivery delay or expensive repairing cost becomes serious risk.

Then nowadays many factories take both Predictive Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance strategies to prevent those risks.

This article shows concepts of predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance, difference between them and each advantages in the following.

1. Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is a kind of maintenance strategy focusing on achieving periodical inspection or maintenance before failure happens on facility.

Preventive maintenance schedule is generally planned based on past failure records or facility/machine manufacturer's recommendation.

It is effective to reduce failure risk but not optimum way because actual facility situation is not monitored or considered.

2. Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a kind of maintenance strategy focusing on monitoring actual situation of facility and predicting future failure risk.

It detects the sign of abnormality of future failure by achieving real time monitoring of machine situation with sensors or data analyzing tools.

It is possible to take countermeasures before failure happens and prevent unexpected sudden facility stop and then maximize the lifetime and occupation rate of facility.

3. Difference between Predictive maintenance and Preventive maintenance

Main difference is basis of maintenance plan.
Basis of Preventive maintenance is past experience or records but the basis of Predictive maintenance is real time actual situation or performance data of facility.

It can reduce unnecessary maintenance work improve productivity in case of Predictive maintenance because it is possible to make more precise maintenance plan by utilizing technology and data.

4. Advantages of Preventive maintenance

* Reduce risk of unexpected failure by regular maintenance
* Keep stable facility performance
* Prevent expensive repair cost of facility by failure

5. Advantages of Predictive maintenance

* Reduce facility downtime by future failure prediction
* Improve maintenance planning and optimize those work
* Reduce total production cost by facility lifetime extension
* Improve productivity and quality control


Effective maintenance strategy is indispensable to keep competitiveness on production factories.
Both Preventive maintenance and Predictive maintenance can improve productivity by reducing facility downtime.

Especially Predictive maintenance brings better advantages on cost reduction and efficiency improvement but the maximum effect is brought by combination with Preventive maintenance in most cases.

Optimum maintenance strategy should be customized according to specific needs on each factory.

It would be appreciated if this article helps you to review your maintenance strategy for further improvements on your production process.

Matsushima Measure Tech helps your Predictive Maintenance

There are many industrial dust collectors in factories for material industry or process industry because those factories handles solids or powders in many processes.

However, there is a serious risk to spread dust particles when dust collector has a trouble.

This type of trouble like sudden leakage from the dust collector may happen even if periodical inspection is achieved.

Continuous monitoring is necessary to solve this problem but visual observation by human is not efficient and realistic.

Matsushima Measure Tech offers DUST MONITOR to help your Predictive Maintenance to solve this problem.

DUST MONITOR provides real time continuous monitoring for dust particles concentration leaked from dust collector and possible to give an alarm before dust leakage comes over the reference limit.

For more details, please refer to the following information.

Dust Monitor | Triboelectric dust monitoring instrument

Triboelectric principle dust measurement instrument "Dust Monitor" provides cost reasonable but reliable continuous dust concentration measurement solution and so realizes predictive maintenance.

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