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Belt Cleaner General

Why is there no hard chip on scraping part of Belt Cleaner that touches belt end?

Our Belt Cleaner has a structure that suppresses chips due to elasticity of urethane rubber even when there is misalignment or vibration, so it is originally designed to be resistant to damage.

Furthermore, since there is little adhesion on belt end surface, no hard chips are attached to scraping portion of the belt end surface in order to prevent the belt from being damaged even slightly when scraping.

How do you adjust Belt Cleaner?
It can be adjusted by raising and lowering tuning bolt. The adjustment method becomes easier both structurally and intuitively.
How long does Belt Cleaner tip last (when should it be replaced)?
We recommend replacing it every year.
Belt Cleaner's consumables are a tip to remove deposits and a hard urethane stick to support tip.
Furthermore, there are two types of tips: carbide tips and urethane tips, and urethane tips have a shorter lifespan on average than carbide tips. Since elasticity of hard urethane sticks decreases faster than that, we recommend replacing them every year, just like hard urethane sticks.
What is scraping efficiency of Belt Cleaner?

There is no quantitative data on scraping efficiency, but according to data taken by customers during coal transportation (thermal power plants), when comparing cleaners made by other companies and our cleaners under the same conditions, the amount of falling ore (falling coal) is lower.

We were able to reduce this by over 50%.


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