- Heavy Duty Limit Switch -


Heavy Duty Limit Switch General

What is the lowest temperature it can handle? I would like to use it in extremely cold regions as a safety switch for belt conveyors, stacker reclaimers, etc.

We have a track record of temperatures down to -30℃. However, conditions vary depending on model and environment, so please consult with us.

Can it be moisture resistant? It is assumed that the safety switch will be used in a humid environment.
Standard microswitches are 85% moisture resistant. If it exceeds this, we will use microswitch that is 95% moisture resistant. However, specifications of microswitch may change due to model changes, so please check the details each time.

If you are having trouble with monitoring or
automating production sites,
Please consult with us.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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