-Chute clogging detector-


Chute clogging detector General

Do you manufacture dust explosion-proof type Chute Switch?
Although we have manufactured them in the past, we are no longer able to provide limit switches that are dust explosion-proof as they have been discontinued.
As an alternative, it is possible to use a flameproof or intrinsically safe explosion-proof type. In addition, the intrinsically safe explosion-proof type requires the addition of a relay barrier on the control panel side.
Chute Switch cannot be installed on side wall of a conveyor chute. Is there any other way?

Detection is possible even if level switch is used instead of a Chute Switch.
①Full Detector

②Capacitance Type Level Switch
③Vibrating Level Switch

Please select according to the facility environment.

Can it be moisture resistant? It is assumed that safety switch will be used in a humid environment.

Standard microswitches are 85% moisture resistant. If it exceeds this, we will use microswitch that is 95% moisture resistant. However, specifications of microswitch may change due to model changes, so please check the details each time.

Can Chute Switch detect even substances with light specific gravity?

By changing detection power, it is possible to detect a minimum of 0.7 or higher. (Special specifications)
If it is less than 0.7, we will propose a level switch, etc.

Regarding model selection, please contact us as it depends on the measurement environment.


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