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Belt Tear Detector General

Belt Tear Detector from another manufacturer was used, but it has already been discontinued.

Is it possible to match Matsushima products to competition for existing products?

Basically it is possible. Please contact us. At that time, please prepare a blueprint showing the dimensions of the belt conveyor you wish to install and, if possible, a drawing showing the dimensions of the manufacturer.
Where exactly should I attach Belt Tear Detector sensor?
Our Belt Tear Detector is for vertical tears that occur under chute.
Attach detector (sensor) to back of roller under chute. As many detectors (sensors) as there are rollers under the chute are required.
Is there Belt Tear Detector for pipe conveyors?
It is possible. There is also a track record. In order to proceed with consideration, please prepare a drawing showing dimensions of equipment and contact us.
What is the lowest temperature it can handle? I would like to use it in extremely cold regions as a safety switch for belt conveyors, stacker reclaimers, etc.
We have a track record of temperatures down to -30℃. However, conditions vary depending on model and environment, so please consult with us.
How many sensors do I need to prepare to detect vertical tears in belt at chute drop opening?
We recommend installing as many sensors as there are impact rollers at bottom of the chute.

If you are having trouble with monitoring or
automating production sites,
Please consult with us.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
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