Measuring the level of hot spring
tank with steam and condensation

Example of a Gold Mining site

Issues at hot spring tank

Ultrasonic level meter shows false values due to steam or condensation!

This is an example of a gold mine. An ultrasonic level meter was installed to measure the level of the tank storing the hot spring water released during mining. But the measurement was incorrect due to the influence of steam and condensation. But Radar Level Transmitter has been a solution for this problem.
- Convecting steam reflected the ultrasonic waves and they were mistakenly
taken as reflected waves from the liquid surface to show a false indication.
- Dew condensation occurred on the transmitting surface of Ultrasonic level
meter reduced the transmitting power and unabled to measure to the lower

Radar Level Transmitter has been a solution!

To solve this probelm, Radar level transmitter was chosen.

  • Measurement is possible even in the environment with poor visibility due to steam.
  • Even if there is condensation inside the antenna, it will not interfere with measurement.

Radar Level



Model: MWLM-PR26H2F

Merit: Not influenced by steam or dust

Due to the frequency of the microwave (radio wave) (approx.26 GHz), this microwave has the property of penetrating objects with a particle size of 3 mm or less. Even if there is steam or dust floating in the air, microwaves can pass through it and capture and measure the stored raw materials.


Radar Level Transmitter

Radar Level Transmitter continuously measures the storage level of tanks and silos containing raw materials and products in factories.  Due to the characteristics of microwave (radio wave), it is possible to measure the storage level of stored materials (liquid, powder, particle, bulk etc.) in tank and silo without contact, even in environment with dust, steam, and high temperature. 


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