Level Transmitter/Level Switch <Powder/Liquid>


Radar Level Transmitter is a radio wave type level meter that can measure the storage level in tanks and silos without contact in harsh environments such as dust, steam, and high temperatures. It is used for inventory management and control of tanks and silos, contributing to automation and labor saving of equipment.


  1. There are some customized models for some special or unique applications.  


  1. Due to fast level followability, it can be used in liquid applications under frequent level fluctuations.


  1. If the support from our engineer is request, the remote adjustment is available.



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Features of Radar Level Transmitter

The main features of the microwave level meter are:

Model lineup

There are 10 types of lineup available as standard, including those for liquids, powders, explosion-proof, swiveling flange, and fixed flange.

HART communication

Adjustments can also be made with devices that support HART communication.

Flexibility for
various environments

It can be customized according to the application, ambient temperature, the material characteristics, the mounting condition.

Operating principle

Radar Level Transmitter is a time-flight (TOF) radio level transmitter that applies the frequency of 26 GHz (microwave).

What is time flight method (TOF)? 
Microwave pulse emitted from a sensor is reflected on the material level surface, and is received again by the sensor as a reflected wave. This method converts the round-trip time of this microwave pulse into a distance and measures it.

How to use?

1.Determine the
mounting position

Choose a position where no obstacles enter the measurement area of ​​the transmitter, and where the object to be measured does not enter the dead zone of the level meter. If you have any concerns about the mounting position, please contact us.

2. Mounting

Adjust the angle of the transmitter so that the transmission direction of the transmitter is as perpendicular as possible to the measurement surface. Angle adjustment is not required if the measurement surface is a flat liquid surface.

3. Wiring

Power supply and analog output can be performed with two wires because of the two-wire transmission method. Please connect with our Signal Conditioner or any avaible current loop supply.

4. Adjustment

By connecting a notebook PC with our software to a transmitter using a specilized cable (options), you can easily set 0% and 100%, find and mask noise reflection, and check waveforms.

*For details, please refer to the instruction manual.


Local converter
for Radar Level Transmitter

Signal Conditioner is a converter compatible with 2-wire transmission type sensors and also supports HART communication. It also has a display function, so you can monitor the measured value of the transmitter from a remote location. In addition, it is equipped with analog output and alarm contact output, making it a versatile device.


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Model lineup

We prepared a lineup of 10 models, assuming various usage scenarios for customers.

Specifications for Liquid

Dimensions (mm)

Specifications for Powder

Dimensions (mm)

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If you are having trouble with monitoring or
automating production sites,
Please consult with us.

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