Harmful effects of dust
and those countermeasures

Harmful effects caused by dust in the workplace

Long term exposure against flying dust in the workplace may cause pneumoconiosis.
Many countries have their own regulations or laws to prevent hazards due to dust because pneumoconiosis is a serious lung occupational disease which does not have a fundamental treatment at the moment.
So, it's very important to prevent infection and such exposure against dust particle.

Preventive measures for health damage

Preventive measures at the workplaces having dust particle must be the fundamental approach to prevent such health damage.

Following three preventive measures are popular basic treatments in such workplaces especially in mining, construction and manufacturing process.

1. Prevent dust generation (= work environment improvement)
2. Prevent dust spreading (= ventilation improvement)
3. Prevent dust suction (= Respiratory protection equipment)

Countermeasures where generating dust

Countermeasure 1: Regulating dust generation

Review of working process and/or raw material

Working process change, automation, remote operation of process, etc. to away human from the harmful environment. Review of raw material may also be effective.

Review of building construction and/or facility layout

Flying dust particles may easily be accumulated beam or window frame of building and scatted again by movements of people.

Making a slope or the shape round of beam or window frame are effective to prevent dust accumulation.
It is effective for better cleaning work when making the shape round of the border area between floor and wall.

It is also effective for preventing dust spreading if you can divide the layout of dust generating process and dustless process.

Enclose the dust generating source

Regulating dust spread by enclosing machines or facilities generating dust particles.
Preventing dust emission by enclosing raw material chute or outlet with vinyl cover, etc.

Countermeasure 2: Eliminating dust by dust collector

It is possible to collect dust by attaching hood above the machine or facility generating dust and sucking the air.
Dust Collector is consisting of a hood, duct, dust filtering equipment, fan and exhaust port.

Countermeasure 3: Diluting dust concentration

General ventilation

It is important to ventilate whole working area by taking fresh air from outside to dilute dust concentration in the ambient air.
However, it is necessary to consider a dust collector or something else to collect dust in case the workplace has considerable amount of dust or the dust is harmful.

Monitoring effectiveness of countermeasures against dust

Air Dust Monitor

Matsushima Measure Tech Japan generally recommends online continuous monitoring of dust concentration where you have such workplaces worried about dust generation because there must be a risk of dust leakage by human error or facility deterioration even if you have those preventive measures above.

Air Dust Monitor is an online continuous monitoring device for ambient dust concentration generating from machines or construction workplaces.

It predicts beginning of dust leakage and it is also usefull for chekcing effectiveness of dust collector or other countermeasures against dust.

* Triboelectric principle

* Easy adjustment (only 3 sets, range setting, integral time setting and alarm setting)

* No difficult skills or knwoledge required like optical instrument


Air Dust Monitor provides following three benefits.

   1. Prevent dust spreading to surrounding area on outdoor workplaces.

   2. Contribute to work environment improvement on indoor workplaces.

   3. Contribute to energy-saving by utilizing for dust collecting facility 


Air Particle Monitor

Air Particle Monitor is optimized for monitoring manufacturing conditions or working environment in clean booth, precision work area, etc.

It is possible to make online continous monitoring of flying dust, fine praticles, aerosol, etc.

Immediate mass concentration monitoring or particle counting is possible only by applying power and accessing it with smart phone. 

Festures of Air Particle Monitor

   1. Air cleanliness monitoring possible as well as class 10000 particle counter function

   2. Output signal integrated, possible to use for cleaning equipment control (energy-saving)

   3. WIFI interface integrated, possible to access with PC or smart phone


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