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Drum Type Limit Switch

Drum Type Limit Switch may be detached from equipment during maintenance.  It is difficult to align when putting it back, but is there a better way?
With the zero point adjustment mechanism(option), adjustment can be made easily.  Since you can cut from the shaft side, you need not to readjust the whole cam assembly.
I want to use Drum Type Limit Switch in a high-temperature environment.  What temperature can it be used?
Applicable temperature is Max. 120℃.  For higher temperature, please contact us separately.

Position Transmitter

Is it possible to add contact output function to Position Transmitter?
It has the function of Drum Type Limit Switch and Position Transmitter.  This specificationy is supported by Drum Type Limit Switch.

Displacement Detector

What is the output voltage of Displacement Detector?
0-90V at ±60deg.C.
Please advise about the replacement model of YVCGM-790WNS.

YVGC-500WNS (with mounting base)


・Displacement angle: ±100 ➡ ±60°

・Number of contacts: 2 contacts ➡ 1 contact


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