How to measure the thickened suspension level in the thickener water
= Sounding type Level Transmitter =

A problem on thickener facilities

Thema: Level of thickened sludge in the bottom of thickener facility should be monitored.

Problem: Less applicable level transmitter in the world.

Without monitoring for the deposit level ...
● Quality of treatment water is getting worse and it becomes difficult to reuse.
● Rake Arm wears out due to the load from sludge.

What is a thickener?

Thickener is a facility to separate solids from liquid and it settles floating solids in the suspension to the bottom of thickener facility.

Sludge accumulated at the bottom of thickener is collected to the bottom center by the rake arm and discharged.

Sounding Type Level Transmitter solves it!

Sounding Type Level Transmitter can detect (catch) the surface of thickened suspension through the liquid.
Sounding Type Level Transmitter detects the distance to the thickened suspension by winding down/up the sensing weight which can go through the liquid but catch the surface of accumulated deposit.

Reference installation at an actual site

Sounding Type Level Transmitter
(Sounding M's)

Sounding M's with it's reliable performance and fruitful functions widely applicable to various industrial applicatios from simple silos up to harsh applications such as high temperature furnaces, high pressure vessels, etc.

Explosion proof (d2G4) model available.

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