Steel industry Dust Monitor

Due to the nature of work in steelworks, there are many places where dust is generated. However, dust may leak due to equipment deterioration or maintenance mistakes, and it may take a lot of time, effort, and money to recover, resulting in huge losses. Therefore, there is an increasing number of cases where predictive maintenance is implemented so that dust leaks are constantly monitored and countermeasures can be taken before an abnormality occurs. We contributes to on-site predictive maintenance with our Dust monitor that can monitor dust generation from dust collectors 24 hours a day. Here, we introduce an example of its introduction.

If filter (filter cloth) of dust collector is

After dust collector, air that has been filtered and cleaned flows through secondary piping. However, filter (filter cloth) may break due to deterioration and dust may leak. This not only leads to environmental pollution and complaints from neighbors. is also concern of degrading blower and thus overloading motor.

Solve the problem by constantly monitoring
dust concentration with Dust Monitor!

Dust monitor can constantly monitor dust concentration in secondary piping after dust collector.

If a small amount of water starts to leak due to deterioration of filter, etc., it will be immediately detected and notified, so you can take action before damage becomes large.

Economic benefits of monitoring dust leaks

1. Labor saving


Realize predictive maintenance by constantly monitoring 24 hours a day instead of a human. Reduce maintenance burden.

2. Cost reduction

Since filter can be used up to the end, maintenance costs are saved. No more regular filter changes.

3. Energy saving

If dust collector is controlled according to dust concentration, an energy saving effect can be expected.

Dust Monitor application example

Dust Monitors are used at various sites in steelworks. The main examples are as follows.

1. Sintering plant


2. PCI equipment


3. Coke plant


4.Hot rolling plant

5.Converter plant

6. Electric furnace

7. Coal transportation

8. Fly ash

9. Welding fume

Dust Monitor

The Dust Monitor is a dust meter (dust concentration meter) that specializes in monitoring dust generation from dust collectors.
Detection of beginning of dust leakage leads to not only predictive maintenance (predictive maintenance), but also labor saving and cost reduction.

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