Claims of metal powder blowing and leaking!?
~How to avoid vehicle rust due to iron dust adhesion~

Background of Introduction

A factory uses a dust collector to prevent metal dust from leaking outside premises due to metal processing. However, they received a complaint from neighbors that iron dust was sticking to paint on their cars and causing rust.
Why did this happen despite the fact that the dust collector had been inspected and maintained without fail?
In this case, compensation for the damaged vehicle and immediate corrective measures to prevent recurrence were urgently needed.


The reasons for this case was that the plant was operating with only visual inspections and periodic filter changes.

Dust Monitor is the

Making Invisible leaks

Then, we propose our Dust Monitor.
Dust Monitor continuously monitors dust leaking from dust collectors with a high sensitivity of 0.1 mg/m3 for 24 hours a day.
Only three settings are required for adjustment: range, integration time, and alarm time. Compared to optical dust monitors, it can be installed and maintained at a lower cost in terms of both initial and running costs.
It is easy to maintain, too.

Effects after introduction

Dust Monitor

Dust Monitor is a dust indicator (dust concentration meter) specialized for monitoring dust emissions from dust collectors.
It detects the beginning of dust leakage, leading to not only predictive maintenance (predictive maintenance) but also labor and cost savings.


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