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Level Switch general

I don't know which model to choose.

Models vary based on state of object (bulk, granular, powder, slurry, liquid), physical properties (corrosivity, adhesion, dielectric constant, conductivity, etc.), and environmental conditions (temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.) 
We have compiled information that will help you choose a model, so please refer to it as well.


>>What is a level meter? Easy-to-understand explanation of types, usage, and how to choose a model


Rotary Paddle Type Level Switch

How can I measure objects with low bulk specific gravity?
When measuring objects with low bulk specific gravity, we recommend Vibrating Level Switch.
It no longer rotates. Can you repair it?

If the problem is on the board side, you can replace the internal unit. We recommend purchasing in advance as a common spare.

Capacitance Level Switch

I am concerned about whether object to be measured can be detected.
Measurement is possible at dust concentrations of 0.1 to 1000 mg/m3.

Vibrating Level Switch

What are the differences in features depending on shape of detection part of Vibrating Level Switch?

There are two types of detection parts: fork type and probe type.


Fork type can be used for liquids and powders.

However, when measuring granular objects, etc., please be careful as depending on the size, object may get caught between forks and result in false detection.


Probe type is for powder. Not available for liquids.
The detection units handled by Matsushima Measure Tech Co.,Ltd. are probe types.

Admittance Type Level Switch

Why is Admittance Type so resistant to adhesion?
Admittance Type Level Switch uses a 3-electrode system and has guard electrode between ground electrode and detection electrode.
This guard electrode blocks changes in capacitance of raw materials that adhere to ground electrode and insulating parts, creating a structure that prevents malfunctions.
Please see our product page for more details.
Since we do not know dielectric constant of the object to be measured, we cannot determine whether it can be detected with Admittance Type Level Switch. Is there any way?
We have prepared a simple measuring device to measure the dielectric constant.
It is assumed that Admittance Type Level Switch is used, but if you contact us in advance and then send a sample to us, we can measure the dielectric constant.
However, liquids are not supported. Only powder and granular materials are available. Please use this when considering an admittance type level switch.
If you are unable to measure a sample, we also offer a demonstration machine rental service, so please feel free to use it if necessary.

If the object to be measured is conductive, wouldn't it be possible to measure capacitance because it would be conductive?

How do you specifically detect this?

Even conductive objects can be detected. In this case, set the range to 4.
Is it possible to fine-tune the L dimension on-site for wire type?

Basically, it is possible to adjust it to be shorter.

If you are not sure about the L dimension, to order little longer is recommended.

Full Detector

The power supply and circuit voltage of Full Detector is DC100V, is it possible to connect it?
This can be handled by modifying converter (model AMDC-12C).
Full Detector directly to sequencer?
The output signal from Full Detector can be connected directly to sequencer. At this time, a converter (format AMD-12C) is not required.
Is Full Detector capable of detecting biomass fuel in pellet form?

Since the specific gravity is small, it is necessary to increase the size of the detection blade.

200mm wide detection blade is available as an option, so we recommend trying it out.

Can Full Detector be used without a converter?
Available. However, we recommend that you take measures to prevent chattering on sequencer side.

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